As one of the most common dental procedures, dental cleanings in Chicago, Illinois, allow our dentist to do a routine cleaning of your teeth and examine them for more serious issues. Dr. Mollie K. Rojas recommends a visit every six months to help maintain and monitor your dental health. Schedule an appointment today or call Shoreline Dental Chicago at (312) 266-9487 to learn more.

Two of the most important preventive treatments we provide are dental cleanings and exams. They may seem very basic and simple, but regular professional cleanings and exams are necessary defenses against serious threats to your oral health.

When you schedule a cleaning and exam with our team, we will:

  • Clean your teeth thoroughly
  • Remove plaque or tartar
  • Floss between your teeth
  • Polish your teeth
  • Check for any signs of damage or disease, including cavities or gingivitis and periodontitis

We may also use diagnostic tools, such as X-rays, to get a better look at your smile and inform of you anything that needs attention. This can help us detect any problems early before they require more intensive care. To keep your oral health at its best, we recommend that you schedule your cleaning and exam every six months. We may suggest that you get your teeth cleaned and examined more often based on what we observe in your smile.

If it has been a while since your last cleaning or if you are ready to schedule your six-month exam, we invite you to give us a call today!