We understand that sometimes, the unexpected happens. As such, Shoreline Dental Chicago offers same-day emergency dental care in Chicago, Illinois, for patients who may have a dental emergency. Our efficient team will help you quickly meet with Dr. Mollie K. Rojas to help resolve your needs. If you need to schedule an appointment with our dentist, contact us today at (312) 266-9487.

Emergency dental care is needed for any dental problem that must be treated and resolved immediately. Dental emergencies almost always happen without warning, and we know that you may feel that you just do not have the time to deal with them. Our team urges you to call our office as soon as the emergency happens, and we will schedule a time for you to come in as soon as possible. We know that every second counts in a dental emergency and will help you get the care you need in a timely manner.

If you are not sure if your dental problem is an emergency, take a look at the list below of the most common dental emergencies:

  • Severe toothaches or tooth pain that will not go away
  • A lost filling, crown or other restoration
  • Damage to the tongue, cheeks, lips or gums
  • A cracked, fractured, chipped or broken tooth
  • A partially or fully knocked-out tooth

If you do not see your problem listed, give us a call and explain your situation. We will help you decide if you need to schedule an emergency appointment. We will also give you instructions for what you can do to relieve your discomfort or care for your smile until you can come to the office. If you hurt your head or neck, please see your general physician or visit the emergency room before scheduling dental treatment with our team.

If you need our help right away, we are here to help you. Please call us as soon as possible if you need emergency dental care.