At Shoreline Dental Chicago, Dr. Mollie K. Rojas offers dental bridges for patients who have more than one missing tooth. Dental bridges in Chicago, Illinois, help restore the aesthetic beauty of your smile as well as your mouth’s function. To learn more or schedule an appointment with our dentist, give us a call at (312) 266-9487 today.

A dental bridge is a popular restoration option that can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row. A bridge is a permanent, nonremovable restoration that is anchored in place by two dental crowns. The shape, size and color of the crowns and bridge are customized to blend in with the rest of your smile. The crowns are then placed on the teeth next to the site of the missing tooth with the bridge positioned right over the gap in your smile. The crowns will keep your bridge stable and firm so you can use it for normal eating and speaking. We can usually complete a dental bridge restoration in just two visits.

A dental bridge can:

  • Restore your ability to speak, eat and chew normally
  • Alleviate stress on the bite
  • Improve the shape and volume of your face
  • Replace a removable partial denture
  • Prevent remaining natural teeth from moving
  • Enhance your smile’s appearance

With good oral care and regular visits to our dentist, your bridge can last many years. Our dentist can let you know if a dental bridge is a good choice to replace your missing tooth. Call to schedule your appointment today!