Do You Clench or Grind Your Teeth?

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Has the COVID-19 pandemic caused your stress and anxiety levels to rise? If so, you are not alone. Unfortunately, during this turbulent time, many people are experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety. A high percentage of people clench and/or grind their teeth at night in response to higher levels of stress or anxiety. Clenching and/or grinding of your teeth is called bruxism.

Bruxism can be caused by other dental and non-dental conditions as well. These include sleep disorders, abnormal occlusion (or bite), missing or misaligned teeth, and temporomandibular disorders.

While some people are aware that they clench and/or grind their teeth, others are surprised to find out that they may be doing so during their sleep. During your visit to the dentist, he/she will evaluate your teeth for evidence of clenching and grinding in order to optimize their protection. Some signs or symptoms of clenching and grinding include tight or tender jaw muscles in the morning, being aware that your teeth are touching when you are not eating or chewing, dull headaches, chips or divots in your teeth, and fractured or loose teeth.

At Shoreline Dental Chicago, we can help you protect your teeth from the detrimental effects of teeth clenching and grinding. We offer custom occlusal guards that you wear while you are sleeping. If you are aware of clenching your teeth during the day, we offer guards for that too.

If you would like to learn more about Bruxism, please see the link to the American Dental Association’s Mouth Healthy Blog below.

We hope to see you soon and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.