What to expect when scheduling and confirming your visit

  • When we call to schedule and/or confirm your visit, we will go through a series of pre-screening questions. These questions will be asked several times prior to your visit, both via phone and email/text, in order to ensure your safety and that of the office team.
  • To ensure your safety, we are staggering patient visits and extending time between patient visits. This is resulting in lengthened appointment times and fewer patients being seen per day. Please bear with us when scheduling, as we are trying to accommodate everyone as best we can.

Prior to your visit and arrival

  • Please brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash prior to coming to your appointment.
  • Please wear a mask to your appointment. Both our office and the building require that a mask be worn at all times.
  • At this time, we would like everyone to come to their appointment alone or have their companions remain in the car or building lobby. This will help with social distancing and help us maintain a safe environment for all our guests and team members.
  • Please limit the items you bring with you to your visit.
  • When you arrive at our office (parking garage or building lobby), please follow the check-in procedures outlined below.
  • We will offer you hand sanitizer, check your temperature and escort you to a treatment room.
  • You will have an in-room pretreatment rinse prior to your procedure/exam/cleaning.

Check-In Protocol

  • Call or text the office when you arrive. Please remain in your vehicle or the lobby until we have the treatment room ready for you.
  • Once we are ready to see you, we will call or text for you to come up.
  • If you need to use the restroom, please do so at this time. The code for the ninth-floor women’s room is 7379. The code for the ninth-floor men’s room is 9737.

Upgrades and changes to our office

  • We are busy making significant upgrades and changes to our office for your safety and that of our team. We have always followed CDC and OSHA guidance with regards to sterilization and disinfection protocols. We have opted to go above and beyond the current recommendations to ensure the safety of all those who enter our practice. These upgrades include, but are not limited to:

    • Phased reopening:
      • We will only be seeing one patient at a time in the office when we first reopen.
      • As we restart our hygiene practice, thanks to a phased reopening, we will be able to maintain a staggered entrance of patients.
    • Enhanced disinfection techniques:
      • We will be wiping down high-touch surfaces in the waiting room (chairs, door handles, countertops, etc.) after each patient enters/exits the room
      • We have installed no-touch hand sanitizer and soap throughout the office.
      • By spacing out patient visits, we are able to use an ultra-low volume fogger and a non-toxic disinfectant approved by the CDC to be effective against SARS- CoV- 2, the virus that causes COVID-19, between patients to further disinfect each treatment room.
    • We have added HEPA filtration units throughout the practice as well as various other types of air filtration units.
    • The lobby space was redefined to be more practical for social distancing and easier to disinfect.
    • Sneeze guards were installed at the front desk.
    • High-touch surfaces and items in the waiting area (including but not limited to: magazines, books, coffee station, water, charging station and coat rack) have been removed at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience but want to ensure the safety of all of our guests and team members.